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Impressive Canines Testimonials

Some of our Testimonials

Jess has trained Shamy since she was a year old. We have done Rally, Agility and now Scent Detection. I am always amazed what she has taught Shamy to do. Shamy loves to go to classes and her tail wags for the entire time.

Joanne McKinley and Shamy

Gus’ testimonial…  I always count the days to my next visit to Impressive Canines. I get lots of time on the floor to help my owner learn the intricacies of handling the other end of the leash. Jess, the owner/instructor is clear on instructions and doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to our performance! We have developed a mutual respect…such that she doesn’t take any nonsense from me so I look forward to meeting her expectations at each visit!

Owners testimonial… Impressive Canines is the place to be! Jess is wonderful with all the dogs. She puts the fun into training without decreasing the value of a lesson well learned. Class sizes are optimal for personalized attention and practice. Impressive Canines is the best place for me and my best buddy!

Karen and Gus

We are absolutely thrilled with how far Grizzly has come since enrolling her in Solid Foundation Obedience and Rally Obedience with Jess at Impressive Canines.  We have received numerous compliments from our friends and family on how well-mannered our puppy is.  We were fortunate to have enrolled her early on, encouraging good behavior from the beginning.  While we’re still unsure of who Jess was actually training… but we’re proud to say that the three of us are progressing well!

Meredith, Nathan & Grizzly

My dog(s) and I have participated in many classes as well as private sessions with Jessica over the last 2 years. She is an amazing person and resource when it comes to teaching not only the canine branch of the family but also the humans. I am so grateful to have learned as much as I have about animal behaviour, canine body language and positive training techniques. It has been invaluable in the day to day life of my fur family. We have tried and loved several types of classes including agility, socialization, rally and combo classes. Jess is a true animal person and wears her heart on her sleeve, and would do everything within her power to help a client. My pups and I look forward to continuing our fun, sometimes challenging and always engaging time at this “Impressive facility.

Andrea Martin, Meka & Minnie

I’ve been training with Jess at Impressive Canines for a few years now, and have nothing but great things to say. She’s expanded my knowledge of everything dog – training, canine communication and how to connect with my dog. She offers a large range of training classes and dog sports, which are kept fun but challenging and rewarding. She’s helped me time and time again with my “normal” dog training, as well as helped me with my fear reactive dog. With her guidance, we are now able to walk our fear reactive dog with confidence and know exactly how to handle unexpected situations. She’s always there to give her clients support, even if it has been a few months since our last class. Jess is a fantastic trainer who knows her stuff, and will provide any dog owner with a wealth of knowledge and support that is unparalleled in the field.

Karri, Angus and Tripp

My 12 week old bichon frise puppy, Molly, was terrified of other dogs who were not white. Molly was only familiar with other bichons when we got her. In order to avoid problems in the future, I contacted Jessica, to inquire about her socialization class.

Due to Molly screeching uncontrollably anytime another dog would approach her, during her very first class she was placed in an xpen, where she could see the other dogs, yet feel safe that they couldn’t get her. The next class, Jessica introduced Molly to her dog Toby. Toby was able to make Molly feel safe while still being in his presence. We have since gone to roughly 6 more classes. Molly no longer requires being penned, plays freely with the other dogs, and continues to adore Toby – who plays well with her and senses that she is much smaller. I feel he has made a huge difference in helping Molly change from a fearful dog, to a playful dog. Jessica, and HER owner Toby, deserve high praise.

Jennifer and Molly

Stephen & I are very pleased that we found Impressive Canniness. Jess is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviours. She has helped us so much with Riley our schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle cross). She has explained some of Riley’s specific behaviours and then given us ways to fix them. Since we have been coming to Impressive Canines, people have told us they’ve noticed the positive change in Riley’s behaviour. We really appreciate the small class size which allows for Jess to give us individual attention on how to improve situations with our dog. She is also willing to introduce new classes. We have taken several of her classes and are recently enjoying Scent Detection. Riley really loves going to class and finding the scents. 

Stephen, Sherri and Riley

I have been working privately with – Jessica Croezen of Impressive Canines. She is wonderful, and seems to really have a deep love and passion for working with dogs. I contacted her to help with my new puppy (Sadie), who was very fearful of the world when on walks. I met with her the first time and saw a difference after about 20 minutes. I decided to continue with one on one sessions, and by the end of the second session, Sadie was happy going for a walk, and doesn’t try to hide anymore when things move, or people approach her. She now walks happily with us, instead of wanting to go back in the house, or pulling backwards scared.

One way we helped Sadie with trusting the world, was her meeting Toby (Jessica’s sidekick, as I like to call him). I was amazed to see that by having a confident dog in Sadie’s presence, that she would say “oh, this is not too bad”. She took to Toby’s calm nature right away and he has really helped her through the scary times along Jessica’s side. Jessica has made a huge difference in my and Sadie’s life, and I would recommend her to anyone who asked. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for the help and positive guidance I have received, and will continue to receive through Jessica’s teachings.  

Mary Smith and Sadie

We have been having some issues with our 2 ½ year old Rottweiler (Sasha) when we take her out for walks. As long as other dogs ignore her she is fine, if any dog shows her any kind of attitude then Sasha will give it right back. The problem is that she starts to pull me towards them and because of her breed/size people are afraid of her, the reaction from people is not a good one. I decided that it was time for Sasha to get back into more training and socializing. (unfortunately due to some surgeries she has had in the past we had to keep her away from any type of exercise so the training had stopped for a while). I now have Sasha enrolled in Rally O classes as well as attended a “Leash Workshop” with Jessica at Impressive Canines. In the few weeks that I have been taking Sasha to Impressive Canines I have noticed a huge difference with her attitude towards other dogs…it’s still not perfect but with more work and time I know that she will get to the point where we can walk by dogs/people without her pulling and barking. One major improvement I have noticed is with one of the dogs in our neighbourhood that Sasha really likes, before we started back up with Jessica Sasha would always pull me towards him to go and play…Now I’m able to control her and have her calm down before she goes to see him…there is no pulling when we see her friend! The owners have even commented on how calm she is being. One of the main things that I have learned with Jessica is that I can do it….seeing Jessica work with Sasha and seeing what Sasha is capable of doing has given me a lot of confidence which I think has helped me when walking Sasha….thanks Jessica for your support and patience….

Michelle & Sasha

About 6 months ago I was given a dog who did not have a great beginning and while initially we did not have any issues with him over time it became apparent that he had been miss handled.  I contacted Jessica and discussed the issues we were having with BJ.  We started doing private lessons with Jessica in our home.  Jessica put us at ease around my grandson by showing us how to control the environment while he was visiting and reading BJ’s body language.  She also showed me how to take the baby and BJ out for an enjoyable walk together.  BJ has struggled when encountering other dogs while on leash, so we enrolled him in the Jessica’s socialization classes.  This has been a huge success for BJ, he has learned to play with other dogs.  When BJ first started he was very timid however Jessica’s dog Toby immediately went to work on BJ coaxing him out into the group and because of this BJ now runs freely around the yard playing with the others.  Because of Jessica and Toby’s help we are able to take BJ out for enjoyable walks regularly with minimal issues.

MaryEllen Wood and BJ

I have known Jess for almost two years now.  She was recommend by a friend as my partner and I adopted a wiener from the Canadian Dachshund Rescue.

Max, our third fur baby, was placed in a once a week socialization class as well as a mixed obedience agility class and we haven’t looked back since.  We moved onto straight agility and have even gone on the road as part of an agility demo team. Jess has worked with us to overcome some of Max’s bigger issues and we have always been grateful for her support.  She has come to our home, we have taken Max on the road, we have taken part in workshops and classes at Impressive Canines.  Jess has always show compassion, patience and understanding in dealing with us (the people) as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table with respect to Max. She is an obvious lover of animals and takes her role seriously.  She has the experience and knowledge needed to be great at what she does and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. We love you Jess!

Julie, Lynn, Seamus, Neville and Max

My first impression of Jessica was how knowledgeable, professional and caring she was. A real animal person…which was very important to me. The Training has worked out better than I anticipated. Mazy has learned far more than I could have imagined….the commands are easy for me to remember and to implement at home.

Whitney Richter and Mazy

Meet calm Delilah (big) and bossy Harlow (little). Both dogs have attended numerous classes at Impressive Canines and have have benefited from each and every class – as has the owner! Some of the classes we have taken are Obedience Bootcamp, Rally-O, Socialization, Agility, First Aid and the dogs are even groomed there! Jess has taught me how to be a better dog owner and to understand each dog’s individual personalities. She has helped me to problem-solve with different issues, as they arise, and kept coming up with different ideas when some just didn’t work. For example, my Yorkie rescue had huge fear issues with other dogs – especially when greeting on-leash. Jess worked with us to learn how to handle these situations and Harlow is getting much better. We will be continuing with classes after Christmas, as it is important to keep up with socialization and brain stimulation for the dogs.

Thank you, Jess, for your expertise and your help.

Patricia Bruce, Delilah & Harlow

Jess has been a great trainer for both dog and owner. Toby and I look forward to each of our agility classes. Jess has high expectations but breaks down each lesson into easy to learn tasks. She is consistent and firm while also making the classes fun. Thank you Jess!

Barb & Toby

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