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Dog Training Classes – Rally Obedience (RallyO)

Rally Obedience (RallyO)

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Excellent RallyO


Strengthen your connection, enjoy continuing your obedience skills as well as work towards competing if you would like. (Caro, CKC,and UKC stations taught). 

All sessions are 6 classes, one hour per class

$300 plus hst = $339

Max 4-5 dogs

*Requirement is at least our Level 1 Obedience or if you took classes elsewhere you must be pre-approved*

Rally O promotes positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. Rally encourages participation of ALL dogs, purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions as well as physically challenged dogs and or handlers.

​ATTITUDE is more important in RALLY than precision.  The handler may talk and give hand and body signals to his or her dog throughout the performance. This provides a mental stimulus for the handler as the course outlines are different at each trial.

Rally is for those who desire an effortless activity that is fun and games. It is not simple or easy, but challenges you and your dog in a partnership that improves heeling and teamwork. The ability to work as a team during a Rally Style Obedience performance, greatly adds to the handler’s ability to maintain the dog’s attention and attitude at a high level. This class is designed so that dogs in all levels of training may participate. A beginner’s course could include heel, sits aided by the handler, turning paces, sit stay and elements of the recall. As the dogs gain skill, more difficult courses are designed which will improve you and your dog’s performance levels and confidence.

This class will really strengthen your bond and connection with your dog. You will be amazed at how fast your dog will “read your mind” in a positive way!

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Jessica Croezen, CTB.css - Owner & Head Trainer

Check out Toby Competing in Advanced RallyO

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