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About Impressive Canines

About the Trainer

Jessica Croezen, CTB.css - Owner & Head Trainer

Jessica Croezen

Jessica Croezen, CTB.ccs is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Therapist. She believes in communicating with animals without the use of intimidation or fear. A strong connection can be built on understanding, clear communication, trust and respect. She has worked with many dogs in many situations, from home environment to shows and even on stage. She has been hired multiple times to train Toto for Production of The Wizard of Oz, as well as work along side Toto backstage for the performances for schools, as well as for Drayton Entertainment. Her range of experiences brings a great dynamic to her program.

Impressive Canines Testimonials

Facility Info

Our state of the art facility is an open concept with lots of natural light, high end feel, and positive vibe!


Our agility ring has special agility flooring, with mats that provide excellent grip and traction, add maximum comfort for dogs and handlers, and give more joint support. All are welcome!



Impressive Canines thrives for long term relationships with their clientele as well as constant support. It makes our day when we receive updated photos, stories and training successes. It is so nice to run into clients out on a walk to see their happy dogs with wagging tails, on a relaxed leash with a big smile on their face. It still brings a smile to my face when the dogs remember me, even years later and it warms my heart for those reunions!



We hope you enjoy looking through our photos, which are from our own album, client’s albums and from professional photographers – Joanne Pearsall/Lucky Dog Photography, Kinsey Winger/Fierce Photography, Brian Douglas Photography, Cheryl Ewing and Emily Warren.

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