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Dog Training Classes – Agility


Have you been looking for a fun way to continue training your dog? Would you like to burn more of your dog’s energy as well as build a stronger bond?


Then these are the classes for you!


Our facility has special agility flooring. These mats provide excellent grip and traction, adds maximum comfort for dogs and handlers, and gives more joint support. Sessions run year round in our state of the art 2400 square foot training facility! We run classes to accommodate each dog’s needs keeping into consideration their age, level of training, temperament, and physical capabilities. The obstacles are safe and offer no harm or risk to their temperaments, or physical condition (such as joints).


You must have completed a Level One Program in a group setting or be pre-approved before booking into Sport classes. Some dogs struggle in group settings without previous experience. So, I just ask you to email me your dogs experience, training style taught and I will let you know if you qualify to go right into a class. All dogs must be dog and people friendly due to the nature of the program. Any dogs that are vocal non stop or show leash reactivity towards other dogs or owners will be removed with no refund. Dogs over 8 months must be spayed or neutered to attend our classes, unless discussed prior with the trainer.


The first video shows clips of a range of our agility clients in all levels from Starters Agility to Advanced Plus Agility.

(It has background music, so please check your volume setting before playing.)

At the time of filming this video, these clients were doing this for bonding, and confidence building but since then, some of them have competed.


Second video shows clips of an off site field trip.

At the time of this video these clients were working towards competitive agility and this was their dogs first time working on agility outside of my dog school. Since this video, some of these dogs are competing successfully.

All the dogs have different backgrounds, some started classes with me in my puppy program, some were rescues that were people and dog aggressive or reactive, some were scared of their own shadow.

The sky is the limit with time and patience within my program!


Starters Agility

6 weeks

$300 plus hst, $339

Max 5 dogs 

In this level we do station work for the first few classes, and so I determine class size based on the dogs booked, etc.

Foundation work to get you started in the wonderful sport of agility. We will cover handling cues, body awareness, body conditioning, targeting/shaping, connection between dog and handler, and off leash confidence. You will also start teaching some of the agility equipment such as tunnel, starter weave poles, a-frame, dogwalk, and low impact jumps.

*Must have completed at least Level One Obedience using positive methods, or be pre-approved*

Inter Agility

6 weeks

$290 plus hst, $327.70

Max 5 dogs

Learn short sequences as well as how to navigate small courses off leash. You also advance your equipment knowledge, advance weave skills, learn how to plan your path for better communication and improve your handling skills.

*Must have completed Starters Agility in our program*


Advanced Agility

6 weeks

$280 plus hst, $316.40

Max 5 dogs

Advance your coursework and dog’s independence, as well as learn how to course walk. In this session you will be introduced to the Teeter Totter (if the group is ready for it, this is not a promised obstacle), and advance your weave poles skills (from 6-12 poles) getting closer to competitive standard.

*Must have completed Inter Agility in our program*

Advanced Plus Agility

6 weeks

$260 plus hst, $293.80
***Off site classes in Ayr starting April 2024 are $275 plus hst, $310.75/max 6 dogs***

Max 5 dogs (due to extending the ring size and eliminating the gates)

This class is run like a levels unlimited class. The sky is the limit as to how far you go.

Advances everything to the next level and mixes elements of show knowledge, while still having fun.. You will learn advanced handling skills, and run harder courses. This group gets to attend off site workshops to prep for competitions. This class is like a levels unlimited and the sky’s the limit! *Must have completed Advanced Agility in our program*

Exciting News! All Advanced Plus Clients that are working towards competing or are currently competing, get the opportunity to train at an off site location in Ayr (still taught by Jessica Croezen) on competition quality equipment, turf and a large ring! 


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