Private Training, Behaviour Therapy & Workshops

Private Training

Do you prefer private training?  If so, we can customize a training/behaviour program to meet your needs either at your home or our facility.

Private Sessions can be used for any level of training, or behaviour issues. You will finish the session with a better understanding of what your dog is thinking, why they do what they do, and how to work through your challenges. We feel any age, breed, or personality of dog can be taught new things and improve on manners and offer desired behaviours.

​We specialize in fear rehabilitation and we believe every dog deserves to live a happy, healthy, confident life. We are here for you and your dog and will tailor a rehabilitation program specifically for you.

Some people have a difficult work schedule and need flexibility, and we can tailor privates to suit your needs. We also recommend private training to start rehabilitation, whether it is fear, or leash frustration. Some behaviours such as counter surfing and door greetings work better training directly in your home environment.


Would you like to try a sport before committing to a full session? Are you having some challenges with walking your dog with a relaxed loose leash?

We offer 1.5 hour Workshops for:

  • Intro to Scent Detection – learn how to teach your dog how to use their nose and troubleshoot how to find a hidden scent.
  • Off site Loose Leash (Heeling) – learn how to feel like you are walking as a team with relaxation in public places
  • Tricks  – learn some basic tricks as well as how to think outside the box to teach more advanced tricks such as “put your toys away in the toy box”
  • Self Control 101 – learn a variety of self control exercises, to build your dogs independent thinking, so they offer desired behaviours without being asked, build confidence, and help your dog understand, they can relax and be present without needing constant supervision. These exercises work really well with dogs that have anxiety and will help improve their confidence and decrease things such as separation anxiety.