Solid Foundation

In our 5 week program (geared for puppies 5 months and under), we give you all the skills necessary to communicate with your puppy and have a lot of fun in the process! If you follow our program for the life of your dog you will be on the right track for a long, happy life built on a strong connection and bond! We prefer small class sizes, so you can have individual time with the trainer as well as the group size is not overwhelming for your new puppies.

This session is 5 classes, one hour per class consisting just of training and max at 5 puppies. We are no longer offering playtime as part of this program. We will discuss proper puppy socialization within this program though.

Solid Foundation is $250 plus hst, so $282.50 total. 

Class outline

In our 5 week program, we give you all the skills necessary to communicate with your puppy and have a lot of fun in the process! If you follow our program for the life of your dog, you will be on the right track for a long happy life built on a strong connection and bond!

You will learn about many things in class including:

  • Crate Training
  • Proper Controlled Socialization
  • Bite Inhibition
  • House Breaking
  • On Your Bed
  • Food Bowl Exercises
    And More!

By the end of the 5 weeks our goals for you include, but are not limited to:

  • Watch me (Focus)
  • Drop It
  • Leave It/Remove Your Nose
  • Sit, Down, Stand Positions (luring, verbal and hand signals)
  • Stay & Wait in sit and down positions
  • Loose Leash Walking/Heeling
  • Check In & Emergency Recalls
  • And More!

We only use positive methods in our training programs and your puppy will thrive being able to understand what we are teaching. By using positive methods, we teach our puppies that training is fun, enjoyable, rewarding and not intimidating. We will cover a lot of self control exercises and make training easy to incorporate into your everyday routines. We don’t believe in bribing your puppy when training, we like to use a “currency” to motivate them to think for themselves and offer desired behaviours. The most important goal we have is for you to build a strong relationship with your dog built on love, positivity, trust and respect. With this program your puppy will be happy to listen to you, and you will gain the best friend you could ever ask for.

For any puppies 5 months or older, we do offer a Level One Obedience program called Obedience Foundation that would be a good match for you!

Obedience Foundation

This is a 5 week Level One Obedience class. This class is designed for dogs or puppies that are over 4.5 months old but not over 8 months. This session is focused on level one obedience skills, and does not include socialization, but we do discuss proper ways to socialize your dogs. If your dog is over 8 months, we recommend our level one in a private setting, but sometimes we make exceptions, and the group class would be fine. Please contact us to discuss options.

This session is 5 – one hour classes consisting of obedience training only – max 5 puppies/dogs and geared for ages 4.5 months to 8 months, but younger puppies are welcome – $250 plus hst, $282.50 total. All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered to attend our classes, unless discussed prior with the trainer. We offer private training all year round for those looking to do our level one program prior to an available group class. 

**This class is not designed for reactive dogs, please contact us for other options, as reactive dogs will be removed from the session without a credit, exchange, or refund. If your dog is overly vocal, very stressed, charging towards other people or dogs and/or is causing disruptions that can not be redirected, the trainer has the right to ask you to remove your dog, and you will discuss other options outside of class. This decision will made within 20 mins of the class starting. If your dog is recently rescued and you don’t know how they will be in a class setting, please book an off site private before registering for a group class, so we can evaluate how they will be with dogs present**

Build your foundation

This session will develop a strong foundation for everyday obedience skills as well as strengthen your understanding of how dogs learn/thrive and want to offer desired behaviours for you. You will improve your communication, connection, and obedience skills.

The skills you will learn include but not limited to:

  • focus
  • sit for greetings
  • self control exercises
  • stay/wait/boundary training
  • recalls
  • loose leash walking

This session is 5 – one hour classes – max 5 dogs

Advanced Foundation (Level 2 Obedience)

In this 5 week session, we will building upon your dog’s existing obedience skills, and start fine tuning your level one skills. This level is really important to solidify your skills, and will be very beneficial if you would like a dog that has great leash manners.

This session focuses on, loose leash walking skills, recalls with challenging distractions, and stays with distractions for time and distance!

This session is 5 – one hour classes – max 5 dogs – $275 plus hst = $310.75 total) *Must have completed our Level One Obedience program (Solid Foundation or Obedience Foundation)* 

Impressive Canines Citizen Program
(Level 3 Obedience)

Go Beyond Basics

Level 3 will take place in and out of the dog school and will advance all your skills in everyday scenarios and will reinforce your dog’s good manners in social situations.

If you want a bomb proof dog that you can take anywhere with confidence, this is the class for you!

We will cover:

  • Walking through crowds with confidence and manners
  • Maintaining loose leash with connection in any environment
  • Being around strangers and dogs with confidence and relaxation
  • Going into any store with a relaxed happy dog that maintains manners and confidence while you shop
  • Waiting and/or staying with distractions or in emergency situations.
  • Recalls with distractions and some task work such as find the door!
  • and Much More!

By the end of this course, you should be able to succeed with Canine Good Neighbour Testing or Therapy Dog Testing, but the main goal is for you to have a happy well rounded Impressive Canine Citizen!

This session is 8 – one hour classes – max 4 dogs – $360 plus hst, $406.80 total (50% of the classes take place off site).