Class Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Please read below carefully. (There are NO refunds, credits or exchanges for classes once you have confirmed your spot with payment. All classes must be prepaid upon registration.) All dogs over 6 months must be fixed unless discussed prior to registering and all females in heat are not permitted **Any dog trainers, dog training students, or any dog related businesses that include training, wishing to take a class will pay an extra mentor fee** We do not offer private makeup classes, for missed classes. If you must miss a class due to an emergency, please contact your instructor to see if there is another class you may attend outside of your own session, but this is not guaranteed. 

Due to COVID 19, we have had to make changes to class outlines, and the schedule, so please make sure to read the information listed for each class, before registering. Any level one sessions that are booked or in session, during/prior to a covid lockdown will switch to an email and video diary based online learning program. There will be no refunds when we are in a serious lockdown and have to switch to online learning. Please be kind to your small business during this really tough time!

Please note private sessions at 5pm and 8:45pm are not listed here. Please contact us for availability.

Monday Nights at 6pm
SPORTS INTRO SESSION (More details will be posted soon for this new program)  –  Starts March 6th – FULL! *No class April 10th due to Easter*
COMPETITION SCENT DETECTION –  Starts April 24th – FULL! *No class May 22nd**
INTRO SCENT DETECTION –  Starts May 29th – Spots available!
BEGINNER SCENT DETECTION –  Starts June 26th – Spots available!

Monday Nights at 7:30pm
STARTER AGILITY – Starts February 6th – FULL!
INTERMEDIATE AGILITY – Starts March 27th – FULL! **No class Easter Monday April 10th**
ADVANCED AGILITY – Starts May 15th – Spots available! **No class May 22nd**

Tuesday Nights at 6pm
ADVANCED PLUS AGILITY (Competition Level) – Starts January 24th – FULL!
ADVANCED PLUS AGILITY (Competition Level) – Starts April 4th – 1 Spot available for appropriately matched dogs level wise!

Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm
INTERMEDIATE AGILITY –  Starts January 10th – FULL!
ADVANCED AGILITY –  Starts March 14th – FULL!
INTRO SPORTS SESSION –  Starts April 25th – 4 Spots available!

Wednesday Nights at 6pm
OBEDIENCE FOUNDATION (Mixed ages but must be approved) – Starts April 12th – FULL!
SOLID FOUNDATION (Puppies 5 months and under) – Starts May 24th – Spots available!

Wednesday Nights at 7:30pm
INTRO TO SCENT DETECTION/NOSE WORK – Starts December 14th – FULL! (No class on December 28th)
STARTER AGILITY – Starts February 8th – FULL!
INTERMEDIATE AGILITY – Starts May 10th – A Few Spots available!

Thursday Nights at 6:15pm
Temporarily Closed

Thursday Nights at 7:30pm
ADVANCED PLUS AGILITY – Starts April 27th – 1 Spot available!

Sunday Mornings at 10am
SOLID FOUNDATION (Puppies 5 months and under) – Starts February 19th – FULL!
SOLID FOUNDATION (Puppies 5 months and under) – Starts April 30th – A few spots available *No class May 21st*

Sunday Mornings at 11:15am
INTRO SCENT DETECTION – Starts March 12th –  FULL! **No class April 9th**
BEGINNER SCENT DETECTION – Starts April 30th –  Spots available! *No class May 21st*
NOVICE RALLY OBEDIENCE – Starts June 18th –  Spots available!

Sunday Afternoons at 12:30pm
INTERMEDIATE  AGILITY – Starts January 22nd – FULL!
ADVANCED AGILITY – Starts March 26th – FULL! **No class April 9th**
ADVANCED PLUS  AGILITY – Starts May 14th – Spots available! *No class May 21st*

Sunday Afternoons at 1:45pm
STARTER AGILITY – Starts January 8th – FULL!
INTERMEDIATE  AGILITY – Starts February 26th – FULL! *No class April 9th*
STARTER AGILITY – Starts April 30th – 1 spot available! *No class May 21st*

Sunday Afternoons at 3pm

SPORTS INTRO SESSION (Puppy Session – must be under 6 months)  –  Starts February 12th – FULL!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Please look at the main/full schedule at this time. Thanks

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Please look at the main/full schedule at this time. Thanks

Take a look at our Full Schedule page for info.

If you don’t see a class on the list and are interested in a session, let us know and we can find a spot for one. 

Please note all workshops are geared towards clients already in our training program, but we do offer private evaluation options, for anyone looking to join a workshop. Contact us for more info!

This workshop will be a lot of fun! You will learn some starter tricks as a group and then get time to practice on your own. I will then circulate around and help you one on one with tricks you may want to teach and didn’t know where to start (for example – put your toys away in the toy box). At the end of the workshop anyone that wishes to show off what they have accomplished during the workshop may and everyone will receive a Just For Fun Tricks Grad Certificate. Stay tuned for the next date. Max 6 dogs $80 plus hst, for 1.5 hours. 

This takes place at the dog school and the dog must be pre-approved prior to booking. We are not running these at the moment but they will return this summer.

This upcoming session, will take place at the dog school and the dog must be pre-approved prior to booking. These will be offered off site by May. Stay tuned for the next date. $80 plus hst, for 1.5 hours

**If you are looking for a class that is not listed, or you prefer a different date or time, please contact us, as we may be able to adjust the schedule** Impressive Canines does not support harsh training methods and has the right to remove any clients using these methods without any refund, credit or exchange! All dogs must be human and dog friendly in group class sessions. Reactive dogs will be removed without refund, credit or exchange of the session fee.
Feel free to contact us if you do not see the class/workshop you are looking for, as we may have a waiting list going. All Classes can be taken in a private setting at the dog school, incase the schedule doesn’t meet your needs, or if you would prefer a one on one setting. We look forward to working with you!​