Scent Detection

Would you like to try something new, fun and exciting? Does your dog like to use their nose and be mentally challenged and stimulated? Check out Sporting Scent Detection, the newest sport where all dogs are welcome!!
Click below to watch some of Impressive Canines clients find scents hidden in an off site building. The owners did not know where it was and had to trust their dogs instincts and alert cues.

We are excited to offer this new program at our school and have worked hard to prepare and offer this to our clients! Nothing beats watching your dog use their own senses to find a specific scent hidden in a container, or a box, or under furniture, in a bush or hidden somewhere on a vehicle! You have to try this sport to truly appreciate how spectacular it is!!!

The Sky is the limit, and all dogs are welcome to join in the fun!!! I love watching the dogs work and have a blast finding the scent!

Class descriptions

Intro Scent Detection (4 weeks)
In this session, we will focus on your dog learning how to use their nose and find familiar objects and scents, in multiple scenarios. We will also introduce the first scent in this level with container searches and start easy room searches! This class will get you reading your dog’s cues to “alert” you when they find the scent and prepare you for the next level!

Beginner Scent Detection (6 weeks)
We will now continue the game of “find it/search” working with the one scent used in this level at a competition and will continue container searches, advance your interior searches, and start teaching exterior searches.

Advanced Scent Detection (6 weeks)
In this level we will advance your skills and make the searches more challenging for container, and interior searches. Your dogs will now be ready to learn how to properly do a vehicle search as part of the exterior search and we will also teach a second scent, as two scents are used in the Advanced Level at shows. We will use a larger space and more challenging search layouts.

Excellent Scent Detection (6 weeks)
Advancing your searches even more for container, interior and exterior searches which will go beyond vehicle searches – you never know where it may be hiding. You will also teach a third scent, as three scents are used in the Excellent Level at shows. We will use a larger space and even more challenging search layouts, including an off-site location.

Each class is one hour in length, max 5 dogs! Intro Scent is $200 plus hst, $226 total (includes some supplies to take home). All other levels are $225 plus hst, $254.25 total per session.